The right space for the right sound

The main live room is spacious and warm with incredible acoustics.

The height and size allows the capturing of clean close-up or large distant recordings, or a combination of both. With isolated rooms in clear sight of each other, this is an ideal studio to capture live recording.

The vocal booth is situated with clear visibility of the main live room and drum room. It’s size and acoustic treatment allows for very clean and isolated vocal recordings.


"it'll be grand in the mix"

With a well-treated control room, the acoustics are perfect for mixing and mastering.

Mixing is performed on a Creation Audio Labs modified Soundcraft Ghost, using a mixture of analogue and digital equipment, monitored through Dyne Audio BM5’s, Adams A7’s and Yamaha NS10’.

Get in touch to find out more about mixing at the Crossroads.


To find out more about our mastering chain, get in touch

Mastering at the Crossroads is in a league of its own. Our mastering chain ''The Jedi Master Chain'' allows us to record the final mix at 96k, going through a mixture of analogue and digital equipment to give us an end result guaranteed to impress.


Radio work, ad making

Working on an animation or want to record a poem? We can capture any voice over sound your going for. Sound design and effects are also available